Hazardous MaterialsHazardous Materials
Shipping Charges and Ordering Recommendations

Hazardous Materials are subject to carrier surcharges as well as shipping charges. UPS charges a fee of $25.00 per package in addition to the shipping charges. We recommend the user purchase chemicals in case quantities of the same UN Number (see the item description for the UN Number) to minimize hazardous materials shipping charges. Gallon size containers, of the same UN Number, can be shipped as singles, doubles or four-packs. Five-gallon containers are shipped individually. HazMat orders need to be shipped complete. Out-of-stock hazmat products can be backordered and shipped when your order is complete. (There is an approximate 1-3 week lead time for backordered hazmat products. e.g. soldering flux). Feel free to contact us if you need to know the the availability of an item before you place your order.

HazMat Shipping charges are not calculated at the time of Order Checkout.

HazMat Shipping Charges are not included in your order total at the time of Checkout. The UPS system cannot accurately calculate hazmat shipping charges. The UPS HazMat Shipping Charge will need to be determined and a representative will notify you of the additional fees applicable to your order. Your order will not be adjusted without your approval. You have the option to cancel your order or accept the additional shipping charges. If you placed your order online, we will need you to submit your credit card information (the last four digits of your credit card number, expiration date and ccv) in order to make adjustments to your credit card bill. Our site is a Secured Shopping Site and we do not have access to your credit card information.

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