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Chemtronics ES1612 Pow-R-Wash NX Contact Cleaner, 12 oz.

Chemtronics ES1612 Pow-R-Wash NX Contact Cleaner, 12 oz.

The extra-strength, nonflammable contact cleaner quickly removes soils from metal-to-metal contacts

Estimated Inventory ES1612: 16. This item has been replaced by DEL1601.

Contact cleaners restore electrical continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts by penetrating and removing insulating oil & grease, conductive carbon soil, and isolative oxides from contact surfaces. By restoring full circuit continuity, Chemtronics contact cleaners improve the performance of electronic equipment that relies on electrical contacts. Aerosols can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down.

Xtra cleaning strength; cleans encrusted hard-to-remove soils
Dielectric Breakdown 30 kV
Dries fast
Leaves no residue
Test on plastics
Contains HCFC-225
Patented “ U. S. Patent 6,746,998 and foreign patents
Size: 12 OZ/ 340 g

16 in stock

Price $36.89