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Teledyne Stripall TW-2 Long Nose Thermal Wire Stripper

Teledyne Stripall TW-2 Long Nose Thermal Wire Stripper

TW-2 wire stripper is designed to remove a variety of insulation types, quickly and easily, without nicking the conductor or damaging the existing insulation. The extra long electrodes provides a longer reach into difficult to access areas. For a wire stripper with a temperature control see the TWC-1 . Electrodes are 2 inches longer than the standard Stirpall wire stripper.

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• Strip high or low temp insulation as well as Teflon®, Kapton®, nylon, vinyl and neoprene
• Strip single, multi-strand or shielded wire
• Self-contained unit eliminates the need for a bulky bench-top power supply.
• Easily adjust to the desired wire strip length
Table bench mount and notched blades #001-312-2 included (wires 10-25 AWG)

• Strip insulation up to 1-1/2" dia. (10-38AWG)
• Blades heat and cool instantly
• Blade Temp: 1700° in 2 seconds, cools instantly
• Electrode length: 3-1/2"
• Weight: 20 oz.
• Cord: 6 ft.
• Mil Spec, OEM, IPC-A-610
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Ordering Options:
• Unit includes notched blades 001-312-2 (for stripping wires 10-25 AWG)
• Optional blank blades 001-312-1 (for stripping extremely fine wires 26-38 AWG)

Price $325.43