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Xuron 9200 Micro-Shear Flush Cutter Taperered Head

Xuron 9200 Micro-Shear Flush Cutter Taperered Head


Xuron 9200 is the most durable cutter made by Xuron. The tapered head design allows firm positioning, even on fine pitch leads.

• Effort-reducing tools have cutting edges that by-pass, like blades on a scissor, producing a precise, shear cut.
• Ultra-low profile and tapered head provides easy access into difficult-to-reach areas

Xuron 9200 Features:
• Tapered head
• Tough alloyed steel tool has ultra durable cutting edges
• Ergonomically designed
• Lightweight
• Non-slip handles ensure a comfortable grip even in high volume applications.
• Return spring
• Rated for cutting everything from soft material less than 1 mil. up to 12 awg (2.0mm) soft wire.
• Glare eliminating black finish and
• Length: 5".
• Available with optional lead retainer or static dissipative grips.

• Electonics
• Electrical
• Jewelry mfg.
• Telecommunications
• Wire harness mfg.

Price $15.75