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Chemtronics ES111 Electro-Wash NX Cleaner Degreaser, 1 Gallon

Chemtronics ES111 Electro-Wash NX Cleaner Degreaser, 1 Gallon

*Discontinued* 1 in Stock.

The extra-strength, nonflammable cleaner degreaser. Electro-Wash Cleaner Degreasers are engineered to clean a wide variety of soil, oil, grease, oxides and handling contamination, from equipment and assemblies that include:

• Printed circuit boards
• Metal and fiber optic cable splices
• Fiber optic connectors
• Motors and transformers
• Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
• Pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies
• Control systems
• Electronics & electrical equipment!
• Precision devices
• Screen and stencils
• Meters/measurement devices

• Nonflammable
• Xtra cleaning strength; cleans encrusted hard-to-remove soils
• Dries fast
• Leaves no residue
• Test on plastics
• Contains HCFC-225

1 in stock

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Price $521.20