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Xuron 485 Precision Long-Nose Chain-Nose Pliers

Xuron 485 Precision Long-Nose Chain-Nose Pliers


Industrial and Electronics Applications
This is a true "electronics production long nose pliers". Engineers and production managers told us traditional drop-forged designs were too bulky and lacked the sensitive "feel" required for precision electronics assembly operations. Thin profile for access into high density areas and radiused outside edges that won't damage or scar wire.

Hobby and Craft Applications
Provides the strength to grip, hold and form wire without the bulk or lack of "feel" found in traditional chain nose pliers. Excellent for wire forming, and working with jump rings.

Suggested Applications
• Electronics
• Wire Harness Manufacturing
• Telecommunications
• Electrical
• Wire Weaving
• Robotics
• Plastic Kit Modeling
• Model Railroading
• Jewelry Manufacturing
• General Hobbies And Crafts
• Chainmaille
• Bead Stringing

Price $9.75